Daily grievance and fun

Not Once But Twice – Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

  That's right. I have been invited to a small gathering - close family - and I will be there. The next day, I will be hosting the same people. Strange, you might think. Not really. The group comprises only six people. It is not such a big deal to host supper. I am still… Continue reading Not Once But Twice – Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Daily grievance and fun

The Festivities

I have never been a party girl, but I make efforts... sometimes. This weekend, I have been in the kitchen making meat pies, more than a dozen of them. Not that I needed so many, but there will be enough left to eat throughout the year. My issue with the festivities you might ask? Sorrowful… Continue reading The Festivities

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The Unsatisfying Story

I admit without shame that I am an avid reader. However, I am running out of good stories to read. Although I am not particularly picky when it comes to genres - romance, suspense, mystery, etc., it pains me to say the absence of certain attributes will get me to lose interest in stories I… Continue reading The Unsatisfying Story