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Thanksgiving Day

Contrarily to our American friends, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October, nearly a month and a half before they do. Thanksgiving Day ends up on the second Monday of October so, this year, it falls on October 9th.

What happens? It is a statutory holiday so nobody works and those who do are paid double. Mostly, this holiday is an opportunity to bring the family together and share a meal. Voicing thanks at the diner table? No, not that I recall; it makes for a nice movie scene but, otherwise, I don’t think it is done on a large scale. We should, I won’t argue against the point, but it doesn’t really happen.

The meal? Typical thanksgiving menu: turkey, mashed potatoes and side dishes.

Thanksgiving in Canada is nowhere near the madness it is in the United States. We are a moderate people, we don’t go overboard; we like peace and we like keeping it. Black Friday is not something you see in Canada. The closest thing to it is boxing day and still, it is not as mad as it is in the USA.

If you wish, offering a gift to the hostess is appropriate. Keep the gift exchange for Christmas, it is not customary on Thanksgiving Day.

My list of thanks for this year?

I am grateful for:

  • Being a first-born: I am thankful to have already gone through the maturing process my siblings are still in.
  • Having the freedom to pursue my dreams, to have the opportunity to turn them into reality.
  • Having the opportunity to grow as a person and the fortitude to take on such a grueling process (not easy but so worth it).
  • The circumstances my kids are in: their lives are on track, they are fine people, and they make me proud to be their mother.
  • The reprieve I am in and the blessings to come and the relationship I have with he who is responsible for it

Overall, I am thankful for this season in my life, it is a good one.


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