Observation, People

Feeling Delinquent

I am usually the epitome of the sweet girl: helpful, agreeable, resilient, patient, understanding, etc.

However, I have had thoughts of breaking the mould all evening. I have had on my mind to say out loud what I have kept to myself.

Oh… nothing mean or hurtful… I only mean to express my view of reality as I see it:

  • the dichotomy most of the planet live in (they tell you they love you all the while abusing you)
  • the ridiculous way people behave … fake
  • their lack of self-awareness (and I don’t mean a rebellious strand of hair or a muffin top over the too-tight jeans)…no! I mean:
    • the fact they think they behave for the world’s greater good when in fact they only bring desolation everywhere they go simply because they refuse to see the truth;
    • the fact they misbehaved all their lives and wonder why they have shitty lives;
    • the fact the lie they told come back to hunt them and bite them in the “bottom”;
    • the fact they would rather believe their own lies than acknowledge the truth because the truth doesn’t agree with what they think.

I feel like screaming…

Stop the nonsense! Sit down a minute and look at it! This is petty, this is counterproductive, this is not smart. You are worth more than the way you behave. Find a meaning to your life other than your bank account or your popularity. Develop your talents and your skills and make a difference (a positive difference) in someone’s life because of it.


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