Gone Into The Ether

On my best days, I’m an observer (on bad days, I’m judgemental about what I observe).

I think a lot of us forget the Internet is virtual reality, illusions, fake reality. Most everybody has a blog, most of them look for their little corner of success, their 15-minutes of fame, their place under the sun, their “calling”, their ultimate purpose in life and, most of the time, their own fortune. Some have made it big on the Internet, but few have.

So many “experts”, so many gurus, so many life coaches and truth messengers. Everything becomes a method to attract traffic and leads : you cannot have freebies (that are sometimes helpful, but most often are a waste of kilobytes) without subscribing to a newsletter you truly don’t want to get. The monster machine is in place and running smoothly.

It’s sad that anything with worthy content is sold. You can give away worthless products to bait people for the real “deal”, for which of course they have to break open their piggy bank. The Internet is just a giant market place where everyone struggles to get a [lucrative] piece of it.

And then you have those idealistic people who genuinely are trying to serve, to help out, to provide something useful to people… and yet these people get no visibility because they don’t adhere to the machine, they don’t go into it, they don’t fit in it.



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