Daily grievance and fun

What Happened?!

Wow! August went by like a ball of fire! (You watch roll and you keep your hands off of it!)

Seriously, it has been so busy I ended up in September wondering where those 31 days went.

I’ve been busy moving my ageing mother to a new apartment. She left a remote area to live almost downtown. She now has neighbours she can talk to, she got closer to my younger siblings, and she is overall in a better location than she was. Being as sociable as she is, living like a recluse did nothing for both her morale and her health. Hopefully, both will improve in the coming weeks.

On another note, it was also back to school month. Shopping for clothes and school gears, getting the kids ready… those are all simple tasks that easily add up.

So we are up to another school year, another end of cycle (both academic and seasonal).

Hoping everything will work out well.


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