Daily grievance and fun, Observation

What a Circus!

This marketing stuff is a vicious [circle] circus!

Know your audience, know how to reach them, know what they want and provide it… and don’t forget to let them know you give them added value! (Like a free ebook on a topic they are actually interested in.)

Well, I can get a good visual of my ideal reader (what he is like, where he is from, his level of education, his yearly income, his incommensurate interest in what I have to disseminate to the whole world, but is that person (and the likes of him) reading my blog, my book, or even this post?

Er… The only thing the stats allow me to say and still be truthful is… a handful of people in a potential readership of billions of people.

Thank you to everyone who reads me… Everyone of you is utterly precious. 🙂 

So, what’s wrong?

  • Provide high quality content (a well-written, well-rounded, informative, entertaining post)
  • Add high quality images… infographics and anything visual will attract the eye
  • Use more than one media channel… the more people you can reach (the wider you can spread it), the better.
  • Post often, make yourself visible, get noticed (but don’t spam or push your “stuff” (product or service) down your readers’ throats)
  • Social media is based on social interaction (not sales, not marketing, not advertisement), on enabling relations (capacity to relate to), on feelings rather than knowledge

Bottom line, if you want to disseminate to a wider readership, you need to pay for ads on social media. These platforms are built to decrease organic reach so you pay to get the results you want.

No, I am not an expert on social media, but experts say it. They also say social media is only a tool to promote your brand, you also have your website, your blog, etc.

I know there are tons of free information, booklets, strategies, plans on how to build a successful online presence, one that gets leads and, eventually, clients.

I have blogs, I have social media channels… and yet, the number of readers barely increases. Branding, promotion, marketing, added value, unique value proposition… it gets darn complicated!

Honestly, I prefer writing to getting results when it comes to successful presence.

Recently, I found a blog that has been publishing posts since 2008 (an eternity in Internet time) and I saw no evidence of shares or likes. It made me wonder why the author is still doing it. She provides useful content, it is well written… it doesn’t scream “amateur!” So why is she still posting? She doesn’t care about the results… she does what she intends to do regardless of the stats she gets. Hats off lady!

Not that I have such a thin skin, but I end up lacking inspiration after a while. It is nice to see people read your content, to know somebody valued your writing skills enough to read the whole thing through (at least enough to click to get to the webpage). When you keep trying to engage people and you feel you are in a one-way discussion with the bricks on the wall, it makes you wonder if you should carry on.




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