Pixel of Joy

Most of you must have a confused look on your faces and wonder what on Earth I mean with the title.

Joy is a feeling that comes from within. When was the last time you felt joy bubble in your heart?

Joy is more than excessive and enthusiastic positivism. Joy is a feeling that comes from an inner conviction that life is good.

How do you recognize joy?

  • It is the impulse to laugh even when your circumstances are not so great
  • It is levity in the way you perceive life
  • It is being worry-free when you would normally worry
  • It is that belly laugh that leaves your core muscles sore and your face full of pixels of red.

I was reading a novel yesterday and the way the author differentiates happiness and joy stayed with me.

“Happiness is always fleeting, never permanent. Joy abides deep within your soul and remains.”
– T K Chapin, Amongst the Flames

I think it is good way to express it.

If you have joy, your circumstances won’t matter.


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