Thinking Through

I am about to embark on a new creative project, and I have to admit: I am at a loss here.

That’s right. I do creative writing. The main character is one complex individual, full shades of darkness and yet that parades as a light bearer.

What a challenge!

How to portray light.. then a fake light, then a slow transition to increasingly darker shades of grey? Well, that part is relatively easy. What is not so easy is to maintain the character’s belief in his light all the while the reader discovers the main character is in fact a wolf in sheep’s clothing and to keep it coherent and clear.

There is usually a “long history of issues” between the protagonist and the antagonist, yet the feud is one-sided in this case  (I know, confusing isn’t it?)

Conflicts, plot points, character’s arc, quest and all. This is a tall order.

However, I won’t be writing alone.


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