Make it or Break – a Choice

How healthy is it go against our desire? I am not talking about wanting a jelly doughnut or a chocolate bar. I am referring to the difficult situations in which we let ourselves get stuck or in which we are thrown into by life’s events.

I think there is a fine line between a situation that gets us to strengthen our spirit (our inner self) and one that comes a hairline close to do us in.

If we build stamina with training, training also takes its toll. You have to hurt (feel the sore muscles) to know the training does its job. There is no way out of the process. You cannot show your mettle if you don’t go into tight places, if you don’t go through fire.

There is always a silver lining to the ordeals we go through in life. Finding it is a learned behaviour. It is a choice we make, it is the choice of being strengthened instead of destroyed.


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