St. John the Baptist, Quebec’ National Celebration 

A little bit of history…

Canada was founded by two different people: the French and the English.

The French occupied the territory known today as Quebec and the English slowly occupied the rest of the country. The colonization started in 1634 and Canada, as we know it, was born in 1867.

Throughout the colonization, the French retained both their culture and their language, hence the reason Canada has two official languages.

To this day, Quebecers consider themselves as a nation, a distinct nation although it is still part of the Canadian system, hence the reason “national” is used for Quebec’s celebration albeit semantically wrong.


Quebec celebrates its national holiday by taking a day off, going out to various entertainment  (shows, derbies, competitions, fair-like activities), drink alcohol, and sing. 

Personally, I don’t celebrate it. Not because I despise my ancestry and heritage (I am a proud French-speaker), but because crowds and drunkards are not my idea of celebrations. I don’t need a political-laced reminder of my roots. I like the culture I was raised in, I like my mother tongue, and I also like my second language.

Bonne St-Jean les amis!


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