The Whispers

How often do we get life’s whispers?

  • I can’t go on like this forever
  • I don’t like this has much as I used to
  • This weighs on me, and it didn’t use to
  • It doesn’t give me as much satisfaction as it used to
  • Maybe it’s time to move on
  • I need a new hobby
  • I need a new challenge
  • I feel and see a shift happening in my life
  • Something else is calling me but I am not sure what

It might take dozens of different forms, but the message remains the same: “you are not doing what you are suppposed to do and you need to get to it”.

That’s the voice of your calling that whispers to you, and if whispering is not enough, it will soon raise its voice, speaking louder and louder as time goes by.

Resistance is futile.

You cannot outrun your talent, you cannot outrun your calling either. Even if you do your best to shut them out, they will stay with you.

Be brave. Have the courage to do it afraid.


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