Authors’ Availability 

I made no secret of my being an avid reader.  I read a lot of fiction and the more I do, the more I understand the craft of storytelling. 

With my modest knowledge of the craft, I have done – and still do beta reading and proofing. Very recently, I became part of review team.

For those who are unclear as to what a review team is, it is a selection of readers (you have to apply for it) who get an “advanced review copy” of the book to be released. That’s right! The book is not published yet. The review team gets the book for free in exchange for reviews where the book is released or featured such as, just to name a few, Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Barnes & Nobles, and Goodreads.

Before you ask the question, I learned about this opportunity through my subscription to an author’s newsletter. I applied and got accepted.

It amazes me that best-selling authors take the time to reply to emails from readers and I am thankful for it.

I have actually emailed a few different authors and gotten replies. The story doesn’t always say whether or not I got the actual author or an assistant using the author’s identity (isn’t that a crime?) to reply to emails.

Nevertheless, I got replies. Being available to the public in such a broad way was not possible before the digital age. Of course, they have to pay attention to their readers, they are the reason they are best-selling authors.

Availability is generally more expected from Indie authors as they need that kind of networking and reputation to gain in notoriety.


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