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How difficult is it to be true, to be honest, to be genuine?

At one point or another, we all take on roles, behave according to what is expected of us, hide from the truth because we think we cannot handle it.

We might think lies and pretense can protect, but they don’t.  The truth can be felt, the same way pretense can be felt.

What does it take to live without pretense, without hiding the truth?

It takes balls of steel. Looking at the truth takes courage because the truth is sometimes very ugly, horrific, and looking at it is unpleasant – very much so! But it is also liberating.

It takes a commitment. You have to want it to see it… otherwise you won’t. Your brain will not allow  you to see it, to make the connection.  We have complex mechanisms to keep our lives in a state of coherence. Disruptions are avoided if possible, deflected when possible, altered or forgotten if there are no other choices. It is that simple.


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