Does the Past Count?

My friend and I like to discover new food once in a  while so we tried out the sushi poke bowl.

So delicious… but it is not the point of this post.

While we were the only  clients there, and elderly gentleman came in… I mean he must have been in his 70s. His cane was not enough to hide how shaky on his feet he was.

He came in and asked to see the owner of the business because he knew her by name. He was happy to tell her they had a connection, they knew each other.

Indeed, he had been her teacher and reminded his former student. He also told her how great a job she does with her business. He had previous eaten sushis she had made and had nothing but good words for her.

He even struck up a conversation with me friend and me, eager to discover what delicious food we had chosen.

It made me wonder. How often do we define ourselves by our past, by the people we know?


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