Random Connection 

I struck up a conversation with a stranger today. The gentleman was waiting to be called in the office for his appointment.

It is not how the conversation started, but he shared with me a little bit of the chip he has on his shoulder.

As it turns out, he is a victim of modernization. He lost his job when the city demolished the old rural arena (whose foundations were still sound) to build a new one with more amenities and a Zamboni. He is the one who used to be the human “Zamboni”. He made the ice with a device he pushed (or drag – he did not say) around.

No need to tell you he is none too happy to be out of a job. He is most likely in his mid-50’s, he has a little bit of mobility issues. He is angry about it. Very understandably. Losing a job at that age is destabilizing and worrisome.

I wish him to find a job.


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