Freedom, People

State of the World

The world is shaken by what happened in Manchester today. The Islamic State claims the bombing.

Safety has suddenly become a word nobody can take for granted. There are no safe places anymore. The beach, concerts… and what else? Hospitals?

It feels like we traveled back in time and the Antiquity and Middle Ages are coming back full force to bite us in the behind. Are they trying to settle a score from the Crusade? A propaganda of terror, world domination? A threat to the relative state of global peace we have had since 1945? The reality of what hatred leads to?

I have no solution to offer; politics is not something I play in.  The only impact I can have – if impact it makes – is on an individual level, and the only choice I have is to forgive and to love.

Religion is merely their excuse, their way to mobilize their people.

How they cannot see what they are doing is beyond me, but I don’t hold it against them. Blind men can’t see and that type of “sight” is not from men. No pun intended but we are too short sighted as a species to reach collectively this type of transcendence.

Today’s world is in a sad state of confusion and sorrow. Anger follows pain and coils until it explodes. It’s only going to get worse.


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