Daily grievance and fun

Victoria Day in Canada

Another busy day! I have done a million things and yet I feel I have done nothing.

Today was Victoria Day in Canada and it just so happened to be a statutory holiday.

This long weekend is a cue to travel for quite a few people. Traffic is always heavy. Either people go celebrate away from their hometown or they use the opportunity to set up a weekend trip.

I had a change of scenery on Saturday, I did not need to go anywhere else.

I, for one, am not a party animal. Celebration has little appeal to me. Gathering and getting drunk don’t sound like celebration to me. It is a lot of noise, a lot of people, … a lot of trouble for the happiness it bring in the end.

My idea of celebration?

  • a fun time with a friend
  • a good laugh around a table full of food
  • a light atmosphere, a little bit of banter, a couple of jokes
  • music… what is a celebration without music?
  • a time with people that leaves you , at the end of the day, energized, smiling, and glad about the day you just spent.

So I spent the day working on this and that, figuring out this and that… I will be going to be bed shortly thinking that I had a productive day… even though it slipped through my fingers.

This day was well spent.


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