Daily grievance and fun

What a Wonderful Day-trip!

The day was beautiful: sunny, cool, low traffic, and courteous people.

I spent more than I had anticipated spending, but I have no regrets.  I needed to renew my clothes. I am not one to stay on top of fashion trends but clothes do show wear and tear after a while.

Don’t ever judge a book by its cover… 

While going through checkout I started a conversation with the tellers which is, right of the bat, not my usual M.O. The word “chatterbox” doesn’t describe me in any way!

At one point, the tellers were bantering at one point… Let’s see if I can give you their conversation (not verbatim but close). Teller 1 is in her mid-50s and teller 2 is in her early 60’s.

  • Teller 1: I am telling you, I am calling in sick tomorrow. You will be by yourself all day.
  • Teller 2: No way, you can’t do that. If you do, it just might be your last.
  • Teller 1: You wouldn’t dare. Julie (another clerk) will do it. She will pick up the hours.
  • Teller 2: I might have to chain her in the back room if I have to just to make sure I am not working alone. Who knows? She just might like it!

And that’s where I got a look of amused chock on my face. I was so not expecting her to make bondage references I think I took a step back. I recovered in no time though… I almost burst out laughing!

Her reference to bondage broke just about every stereotype of English-speaking Canadian women.

We had a lot of fun!



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