No matter how much you push yourself, no matter how much you think you are in control of your life and your own body, it gets the last word.

You can only flirt with exhaustion for so long. When both your body and your mind are tired, they let you know in no uncertain terms that you need to stop and listen.

You need to rest!

My mind is saturated, my attention span is shut, my cerebral skills are a fraction of what they usually are. It’s a sure sign I need to take it seriously and disconnect – for real!

Fatigue sends me to bed, makes me take power maps. It forces me to get seven hours of sleep straight.

Don’t wait until something serious happens – an accident, a stroke, a heart attack – stop being stubborn and showing an invincibility complex. You are not invincible! That’s only a lie you believe. 

Life is short, don’t spend it trying to kill yourself.

Go away, do something else, stop thinking for a while!

Okay! Okay! I got the memo!


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