Daily grievance and fun

A Good Laugh

I spent the afternoon at the movie theater with the family.

We watched bilingual movie full of cultural stereotype which fostered very hilarious situations. Only my daughter and I understand English well enough not to need subtitles, nonetheless, it seems lack of knowledge of the English language is not a deterrent to following the story. The two other family members laughed where my daughter and I laughter.

I have to say, the fact that this movie is bilingual just tickles my mind in the best way.  Although I make a living in the language industry and I am a somewhat of a purist when it comes to writing in my mother tongue, the fact that English and French mesh almost flawlessly brings me joy.

Language is only a barrier if you let it become an obstacle. Canada has two solitudes – two people of different mother tongue who live alongside each other without getting to know one another – living in the same federal system. In this movie, for once, these two solitudes became friends, fought crimes together and bounded on a level that transcended their mother tongues.

Talk about a happy ending!


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