Daily grievance and fun

Let’s Take It in Stride

The last time I posted about snow was on April 16th, about 3 weeks ago.

Well!  Guess what?

We are May 9th, and we are in the midst of a snow storm.

Yes, you read correctly! Snow is falling right now… and it has been since yesterday evening! The forecast says 5 to 10 cm (2 to 4 inches approximately) but the ground is not covered. The grass had already started to  turn green.

It just reminds me that, despite the promise of warmers days, we cannot avoid bad days.

Many people dislike a spring season that cannot decide whether it is coming or going, but personally, I keep it into perspective. This cold and snowy day of May is only one day out of the year, a very mild day (-1 Celcius) if I compare it to winter, and overall, I am inside where it is warm enough. I don’t have to go out until tomorrow so why ruin both my mood and day over something I can do nothing about. Tomorrow will be warmer, the snow will disappear and the temperature should rise up to 15 C (low 60 F) as the week progresses. I have nothing to bitch about.

Let’s take the setbacks in stride and look forward to the morrow.

While snow falls on my neck of the wood many in my province have to deal with floods. The St.Lawrence River is swelling without control. Tragedies have occurred already.


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