Stealing the Show: the Small Character’s Purpose

Movie makers know how to reel people in. They plant a small character the audience gets attached to. It first happened with Scrat the squirrel in the Ice Age series, and now with Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Why do we like Scrat so much? He is obsessive, possessive, indestructible, and rather inventive but without a shred of common sense. His pursuit endangers every one and could, given the right set of circumstances, destroy the world. He cares about one thing spends his life pursuing his elusive nut… Come to think of it, I think I know a few Scrat.

And Groot? Adult Groot was a darling. Yes he fought but we could see there was no malice in him. He had his best friend’s back and ended up protecting every one he cared about. And then came Baby Groot. He loves to dance, he has a short-fused and he makes mistakes… how can you not find him adorable? He is just a kid after all… a baby, really!

These two ended up stealing the show; people watch the movie to see them. It is that simple.

As you might guess, I watched the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 tonight and Baby Groot is the reason I wanted to see it. There are so many movies out there, the list of recurrent themes gets bigger and bigger. It is light without being devoid of emotional content, it is funny and adorable all at once.


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