Music is a Universal Language

I went to a show tonight featuring a band from Switzerland. The audience heard an eclectic mix of genre: country, rock, disco, balads, oldies. We heard songs from Bette Midler, Queen, Elvis, and Andrea Bocelli.

The show lasted three hours instead of two.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the show. I sang most songs, clapped just about the whole way through, and over all enjoyed myself.

This was actually my mother’s Christmas gift. I know she loves the band and as the members are getting older, it is best to take advantage of the opportunities we have to see them. Switzerland is not our next door neighbour!

I knew I would have a good time. It is great to sing without a care in the world, to our heart’s content. It is very liberating. There is comfort in familiarity, a way to reminisce about, perhaps, a happier time in our lives. Memory is supposed to be related to feelings.

Maybe this is something to explore more thoroughly… but it will be for another time!



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