Wrapping up an Experiment

I have been blogging for few years and web traffic is an elusive thing. So I figured I would experiment.

You see, I have a professional blog on which I post once a month. The posts are substantial: informative and thoughtful and all are related to aspects of my trade. I try a broad yet focused approach. Over the course of four years, two of my professional posts have been picked up by Scoop.it or Paper.li and these are the only posts who garnered a few hundred views. Please notice the absence of the words “thousands” and tens of thousands”. Seriously! Although watching the figure of post views go up rapidly made my week, it was nothing to keel over. Considering there are a few billions of people who have constant access to the Internet, a few hundred views is nothing but a drop of water in the ocean.

So, the current experiment consisted of writing short blog posts for 30 days and publish them; posts that were both light without being stupid, and eclectic. Mostly, the posts were about either the highlight of my day (thoughts, feelings, or events) or musings. I meant for them to be personal yet not intimate and to possibly resonate with the reader. We all go through life and experience both elation and blah (daily grievance and fun) to various degrees.

So I have, without fail, posted daily, usually posts that were no longer than 150 words (three or four short paragraphs) on a blog that had no traffic (at all) since June 2016. I did not share the posts on social media. I wrote and posted on my blog, which means the only dissemination that occurred was on WordPress Reader.

Before getting to the results, I first want give credit and recognition to where credit and recognition are due. Thank you readers on WordPress, without you, I would have a very blank report to show. Thank-you for deciding to hit the follow button or the like button, or both. Each and every one of these clicks made me smile. Somebody was reading my post and that, for someone who writes and posts, means a lot.

Here are the results:

  • No posts were shared;
  • No referrers other than WordPress (no search engine or social media references)
  • No comments were made

Thank you for participating in this little experiment. I am sure this strikes a chord in most of us bloggers. We write, and write, and write some more only to see nothing happening. I figured sharing the results here would either encourage some of you or make you laugh as these results are “peanuts”. Either way, what I wrote made you feel better… and it was my only goal.

If you would like me to continue posting  daily, it is simple. React to this post. Like, follow, comments, I will take anything as a sign you enjoyed it so much you wish me to continue to post daily. Otherwise, chances are this experiment will stop right there. I did enjoy posting short texts daily, but clogging cyberspace with words nobody sees is not my goal. I  might as well put the word count someplace else.

Blogging Experimen



3 thoughts on “Wrapping up an Experiment”

  1. I’m sporadic at blogging just now, and didn’t spot this experiment till I found your wrap-up post a day or two ago, but was intrigued. 🙂 I love personal blogs — little glimpses of humanity from different corners of the globe. I hope you decide to carry on!

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