Daily grievance and fun

Wisdom is Quiet and Ignorance is Loud

Knowing everything must be a nice place to live in.

If you listen well, you will figure out a lot of people think they are permanent resident of this place.

My patience and tolerance are tested.

I struggle to keep calm, but under the external veneer, I seethe with a slow burning anger and watch the emergence of retorts that are better left unsaid.

We all have days like this, don’t we?

I am no exception.

Truth be told, I feel very annoyed.

How do people who know not what they are talking about believe they know your job better than you do?

That’s beyond me!

You know… Some professions escape this kind of bashing.  Nobody would think of telling a brain surgeon how to do his job, but the dentist just might be told! How hard can it be to pull a teeth? We have all done it at one point or another in our youth!

Must be nice to feed one’s ego!


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