Daily grievance and fun

You Get What You Pay For

I treated myself to a new thing tonight: a knife set.

The previous knife set I purchased had cost me something like 55 dollars. The design looked good, it looked durable… but unfortunately, it was not.

First, these knives don’t stay sharp.

All you have to do for them to dull is to look at them! Worse, one of the blades chipped when I sharpened it! Yes… a piece of it broke away!

One of the knives  had a ring (where the handle meets the blade) that split in two because I applied too much pressure on the handle. You can only cut softened butter with a steak knife, otherwise you might end up with two parts.

So tonight, I purchased a $300 set for only $80 (70% discount) from a renown kitchen products brand in a hardware store. Thank God I arrived when I did; I purchased the last box of the shelves.

There are never any clerks when you need them! Indeed, a blessing!  I take it I made the right choice.

Don’t suffer cheap or mediocre (knives, computers, cars, friendships, relationships, life) if you can help it! There is better out there.


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