Daily grievance and fun

Visibility on the Internet: a Scam?

Okay, let’s put the cards on the table!

I  am not new at blogging. I  have been doing it for at least 3 years… on different topics (professional blog, author blog, philosophical blog), on different platforms (all mine). And you know what? I am ecstatic when I get 20 views!

Only twice in three years I had a post reach a number of views I had not dreamed of  — shush… over a few hundred views — (and about something I know but not all that well). 

Of course now, blogging has become a complex endeavor. You cannot just write and search for your own blog. You end up with results entirely unrelated to your search if you don’t use quotes marks! And worse, results vary from one search engine to another!

Even if you “share” your blog post on social media, you don’t attrack any traffic! Friends like and share but don’t read. 

I guess I am off the mark:

  • my topics are not stupidities (like the dress Kim Kardashian wore (or not) last night or the list of celebrities who got too fat to be hired);
  • divergent views are still too awkward for the masses
  • the nuts & bolts of my trade do not light anyone’s inner fire
  • maybe my writing sucks
  • maybe I make no sense
  • maybe there is too much truth in my posts for the world of lies we live in …

Nevertheless, I  will keep writing. 

I  refuse to purchase likes and followers on Twitter and Facebook, that’s fake! 

I refuse to advertise. My return on investment will be nil; I might as well buy something that will make me feel good instead of wasting it.


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