To the Beat of a Different Drummer

This is a long weekend, and guess what I am doing?

I  work. I am making sure that a text will be ready for publication comes Wednesday. 

Did I  procrastinate this week so I had to do it this weekend?  No! I worked on bits and pieces of that publication all week. See, this publication is a three-people team work: one who gathers and generates content, one ensures the content and technology work seamlessly, and one who adapts the content to another audience. This weekend being a four-day weekend, I technically lost two work days to do my job. I  had to make up for it somehow so the publication could be released on time.

Why do I work on my time off?  

  • I am a goal-oriented person. I do what it takes to reach a goal.
  • I take pride in what I do. I am not afraid to take extra time to make my work satisfactory, even if it means working when everybody else is off. Some people call it dedication… or work ethics. I am not one to do things half-baked.
  • I  don’t do it for extra recognition. I do it to be known as a good worker. 

Was I pleased to do it? No, but it had to be done.

Most people tell me they take advantage of me, that it is not right. 

Well it might be the case, and it is not quite right, but I do it anyway, for the sake of the team, for the sake of not being found at fault.

I do get thank-you’s once in a while, most when working outside of office hours gets them out of a bind. Mostly, I do it to serve, to be useful, to “save the day”. 


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