On the Eve of my Birthday 

Tonight, I  decided tomorrow is a “me”-day. I will sleep until I  wake up on my own, I have nowhere to be. I will either dine out or make something I really feel like eating. I  will either read if I feel like not doing much or write if I feel inspired. I will wait for a whisper that will call me toward a fleeting – but oh so welcome – moment in my personal paradise. 

I  have nothing planned – not even dining out with friends, and that’s fine. It will be the first birthday I spend by myself and I welcome the solitude. The last month has been particularly demanding both on my health and my nerves, I need to recharge and center myself anew.

I know I’m transitioning and even though I cannot see my destination, I  know there is one. I  trust reaching the promised land when it’s time.


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