Nothing Easy About Love

I read a thread of discussion on a teaching about loving our enemies today.

Wouldn’t you know? In no times the words enemies, violence, protection of the innocents, retaliation, and Islam showed up. It turned to politics.

Love is such an uncomfortable word we have to deflect it as soon as we can.

So few people know what love is. If you cannot love, you can always perform acts of love.

  • Don’t make matters worse if it is in your power. Remember that it takes two to fight. If you don’t engage, chances are it will die down.
  • Forgive. People’s behaviors are telling who they are. Don’t take it personally even if they mean it to be personal.  You just happened to be there.
  • Vengeance isn’t yours. They will reap what they sowed. That’s a law of the universe. They cannot escape it. We all meet our teachers, one day or another.
  • Wish them well without murder in your heart.
  • Warn them you won’t tolerate their bad behavior no more than twice, and walk away if nothing changes. You don’t have to tolerate abuse of any kind.

Thus you can walk away and still be at peace.


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