Denying Anger

We all go through difficulties…

As sure as we breathe, we also face trials, hardship, offense, insults… and most of the time we get angry about the situation we are in, angry with the people we are with, and sometimes we just wear anger… we are dressed in it, it shows in our attitude, we physically emit vibes of anger to various degree.

Years ago, I was in a situation where the pain of the past was revived. I got angry something fierce. I was not quiet anymore, I told home truths to the people who deserved it and did not mince my words before doing so. I am usually tactful… let’s say tactfulness took the back seat for a while.

Then I finally realized that the pain of the past had turned into anger and anger needed a voice. It needed to be heard, for my own sake. I would not have been aware of the great anger there was in me if I had not let it be “vocal” for a while.

I am so angry, but I refuse to be!

Repressed anger came out whether I willed it or not, and understanding the source of my anger led me to understand the situation and the people in it enough to forgive. I denied my anger, both when I felt pain and when I became aware of its existence in me. Refusing to be angry – denying anger – (refusing to feed it) is what led me to be able to forgive.

Think about it…



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