The Power of a Smile

While my eldest was watching a movie with his friend at the movie theater, I ran a few errands. It was quiet for a Thursday night… either that or I had the good fortune to get to the store before the evening stampede.

I was minding my business and looking for fresh and affordable fruits, moving down the alley. Across from me was a gentleman, coming toward me. He was easily fifteen years my senior and I was looking in his direction without really looking at him. OK, I will admit I enjoy observing people but I am not ogling or staring intently at people while I do so… especially if they can look at me back.

A little discretion please!

He was handsome in his own way, nothing to swoon over but pleasant to look at. He had the kind of male facial beauty that grows on you. Anyway, I am not a shallow woman but hey, there is nothing wrong with pleasing the eye.

What I am getting at is that, for some unknown reason, he looked at me and smiled to me. I am usually the one nobody notices, the one people look through, the one they would rather not see, but he saw me! Wow! I looked like I had a rough day – dealing with the onset of a cold that doesn’t want to go away… and he saw me! It crossed my mind I was mistaken – I must have made up that smile. Who in his right mind ever does that to me? But then I decided he meant it for me.

I still cannot believe it! For a moment there… I imagined he was kind… I imagined he was flirting… I imagined I caught his eye for a positive reason. With just a smile, he opened a world of possibilities, of hope, and of dream.




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