Daily grievance and fun

Kings and Queens of Bitching

Today I ponder…

There is this type of people for whom, no matter what you do, no matter how kind you are to them, no matter how decent a human being you are to them, you will always be a scapegoat, always be the object of their obsession, their nemesis.

There is also this type of people who are just better than everybody, who “know what you think and what you are after” before you even know yourself.

There is also this type of people whose daily objective is to bitch from dawn till dusk, borrowing other people’s lives to fuel their array of subjects to bitch about.

I am first tempted to feel sorry for them. How negative a human being do you have to be to find nothing nice to say to anyone, nothing nice to say about anything? How sad is it that they cannot find something positive to look forward to!

I wake up in the morning and – although I would stay in bed 10 minutes longer, I am grateful to be able to wake up and get ready for work. Many don’t have this ability and the good fortune to have a job to go to every day. I wake up and find sun rays reflecting on the buildings around me… and there is beauty in this scene. Every time I wash the dishes, I can watch the sunset. Is it not wonderful? Am I not very fortunate?

OH YES I AM! Thank God I am this fortunate!


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