Wrapping up an Experiment

I have been blogging for few years and web traffic is an elusive thing. So I figured I would experiment. You see, I have a professional blog on which I post once a month. The posts are substantial: informative and thoughtful and all are related to aspects of my trade. I try a broad yet… Continue reading Wrapping up an Experiment

Daily grievance and fun

Decision Making

I have a love/hate relationship with decision making. I don't make decisions lightly. I think about it, think some more, ponder... go back and forth... and it seems like I don't know what I want. Oh, I can make decisions in a split second, but the important ones, the ones that impact on my loved… Continue reading Decision Making


Solo Trip to Disconnect

In about a month, I will be driving to my friend's house. Solo driving for 8 hours, in all kinds of traffic, is nothing to reassure me. I have done it before, but this time, I am nervous about it. Must an age thing! I used to go places without a moment of anxiety. I… Continue reading Solo Trip to Disconnect


One Week Away

I am doing a 30-day blogging experiment, which will be over in one week. I have posted every day since the first of April. I wanted to know how much traffic short , fluffy stuff would generate.  I haven't shared my posts on social media, only posted on the website to see if they would… Continue reading One Week Away

Daily grievance and fun

Wisdom is Quiet and Ignorance is Loud

Knowing everything must be a nice place to live in. If you listen well, you will figure out a lot of people think they are permanent resident of this place. My patience and tolerance are tested. I struggle to keep calm, but under the external veneer, I seethe with a slow burning anger and watch… Continue reading Wisdom is Quiet and Ignorance is Loud


Looking Forward to the Weekend

This week has been a busy one. There is a birthday bash tomorrow and I am looking forward to some down time. No interruption, only myself to take care of... It sounds like a marvellous idea. It seems I am often seeking the peaceful haven of solitude. I am only trying to enjoy my peace.… Continue reading Looking Forward to the Weekend