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Blood Work – a Social Study

I went for some blood work today. We don’t need appointments here. We just go to the lab, take a number and wait for it to be called. I had postponed it for a good three months while keeping in mind it had to be done. I thought I would wait for time off and do it on those days, and when these days came, I was sick or indisposed, and then I was sick and tired (both, literally!). Today was the only opportunity I had left, otherwise the request for blood would be expired by the time I could have  another day off.

So I went.

It is funny to watch people. You have those who change their seats because they can’t stand the strangers who sat beside them, you have those who migrate in groups – wherever one has to go, they all go – and you have who meet someone they know and catch up on their “PR”. You also have those you can watch turn stupid or about to pass out because their blood sugar is too low for having been fasting for 12 hours.

I sat their and watched people while waiting to be called.

There is no perfect system; we always end up being treated like a number, called when our number come up and dismissed as soon as the “job is done”.

Someone, a stranger, talked to me! Oh! Surprise!

Helpful is my middle name but somehow it seems I am not the most open person… Apparently, I give off a “leave-me-alone” vibe more often than I care. So someone talked to me, asking information as she was a little confused as to what she had to do to get her blood test done.  She had taken a number but left to get an appointment in another department; there is always a discrepancy between the number we pick and the number they call to process the blood work request (the administrative process) and the actual retrieving of blood.  She thought she had enough time. Her number had been called by the time she came back, but luckily for her, there were nobody after her.

All was well that ended well.


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