People Skills

If you are looking for the best ways to improve your people skills, you are in the wrong place.

In the best of days, I am what most would call a “loner”. Spending time alone has never been an issue. I could write the “Top 25 ways to keep yourself entertained while you are alone” blog and have it go viral, I am sure.

I had to get a few things from the grocery store today, and though I usually only go about my business and bother no one if I can help it, I ended up striking a conversation with an older gentleman. We were both at the deli counter ordering our luncheon meat for the week. Even though the clerks ask our preference in meat thickness, they also ask whether or not their first slice they cut is to our liking. Often customers have them readjust the thickness, but I would bet most don’t mind that first slice that’s either too thick or too thin. What appauls both the gentleman beside me and myself is the fact that, most of the time, they end up throwing that first slice into the garbage bin. They waste for no good reason.

But the title of your blog is “people skills”. Are you going to talk about it?

Yes, I am getting there! Don’t despair!

Making contact with strangers is something I rarely do, if at all. I use social skills when necessarily, with purpose, rarely for small talk and without  a valid reason. But today I did, perhaps to reassure that myself that I do have people skills.

Our conversation lasted about 5 minutes, and still he kept coming up with other examples of  “absurdity”, bemoaning the lack of common sense and the lack of good judgment in today’s people.

It was a small miracle, a dash of hope in a life that has not gotten me accustomed to constant and numerous social situations, as I am the opposite  of a social butterfly.

Strangely, it felt good to talk to a stranger, a small connection between human beings that will perhaps never see each other again, a random act of communion in a world where face to face connection is a rare occurrence.

In my opinion, that is what people skills are; the ability to make that connection.


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